“ATLAS has revolutionised our approach to online learning and prime contract management. DTS has an element of direct delivery as well as a significant proportion of sub contracted delivery. The ATLAS system not only does what you would expect of an excellent LMS but it’s point of difference is its functionality to strategically and tactically inform the decision making process for the senior leadership team, supply chain managers and front line delivery teams.” Andrew Niedzwiecki, Chief Operating Officer Dimensions Training Solutions
“Once mastered, the live data and reports reinforce performance forecasting, access to remote compliance audits reduces non-compliant risks, enabled remote signups during COVID-19. The support team are quick to respond to technical questions via phone calls, email and video calls” Ingrid Kennedy. Head of Quality and Compliance Workpays Ltd
“Atlas is one of the simplest to use and integrated systems out in the market place. The process for taking a learner through an online enrolment is fully digital and has been used for over 100,000 learner enrolments to date. Post enrolment, tracking learners and reviewing management information is all self-extractable putting the control back into the hands of the desired user. Contract profiles and supply chain payment control mechanism is all managed through Alas formulating a well-rounded system.” Gitin Chavda, Operations Director Dimensions Training Solutions